Food storage you (and your kids) will actually want to eat.

Enjoy peace of mind, no matter what comes.

Live Prepared makes it easy.


Best price on long-term food storage

Think of food storage as a hedge against inflation (food prices have risen quicker than inflation), job loss, supply chain interruption, quarantine, etc—Live Prepared food storage is essentially food insurance.

Protect your family and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll never need to worry about what you're going to eat in an emergency where food becomes difficult to obtain or produce.

25+ Year Shelf Life

Rotation systems, special storage racks, large amounts of space—traditional food storage is fraught with waste—of not only food, but your valuable time and money.

Live Prepared food storage lasts 25 years with no rotation, no special planning, and no need for a large bunker to store it all. Just set it and forget it 'till you need it (although the food is so good, you're responsible for making sure the family doesn't break in and eat it all).

Easiest Preparation - Just Add Water

Don't waste your time grinding wheat or soaking beans!

The only ingredient you ever need to add to Live Prepared meals is water—and many of them don't even need to be cooked.

Use that extra time enjoying each other's company instead!

What our customers are saying

Live Prepared made it easy for us to get "squared away." We love not worrying about not being prepared anymore.

Is is weird to hope for a good excuse to try some of it?

Brett C.

When the food came, we wanted to be sure it was something we'd enjoy eating, so we took it on our latest camping trip. Sure they say it has a 25 year shelf live, but I don't think it'll last two. This stuff is delicious.  

Rachel T.

Couldn't be easier to prepare and the storage is a piece of cake.

We were glad to finally get rid of some of the 20-year-old wheat taking up room in our basement and replace it with Live Prepared in half that space.

Ammon G.